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5 Tips to Become a Successful Youtuber

 5 Tips To Become A Successful Youtuber From The Beginning.

Sometimes the hobby is a lot of people who underestimate it, they don't think that it is from that hobby that someone can find things that they are happy about, especially when they can earn money, of course it is an extraordinary achievement.

There are many ways, namely to find out how potential your hobby is to develop and make it a career. One way is to look at people who have been successful.

So, of course, many of us already know that in our country, Indonesia, there are a lot of people who like to make videos, and they show the world their work. Then what happen?. They can be successful.

Many Youtubers who are successful start from their passion for making and then uploading their videos, and they all started as hobbies.

But if you need to know that they have ways and tips to become a successful YouTuber, starting from their unique style, learning from other people and their consistency to always develop it.

Here are 5 tips for being a successful world-class YouTuber, starting from scratch.

1. Always put the quality and needs of people first

If we see if there is a YouTuber who has very few, very short, useless, poor quality videos, isn't there ?.

Always pay attention first to create interesting content and make visitors feel at home for long on your Chanel. In addition, present every problem in detail and completely. The question of video quality actually doesn't matter while the content is interesting. They want to find something of quality and not just the random videos that you make.

2. Try first then think about the income

Many complain because they have made 10 videos but can't get paid every month. They have never seen other successful YouTubers who could be like that because it is the result of hard work and lots of flying hours that they spend studying and continuing to make videos.

Just playing YouTube for 5 days already thinking about income, it's like hoping to catch a whale in a shallow river. And if they don't change that mindset, they will never be happy with the hobby.

Something really takes struggle and hard work and a lot of time. So if you continue to study and learn and have a higher level of patience then your hard work will never betray your own results.

3. Maintain communication with your video subscribers

Do you have an active subscriber and always watch and comment on the videos you upload? They are the most valuable assets that cannot be replaced by anything.

Never make him disappointed with you, establish light communication such as replying to comments, responding to important questions, and also being friendly to your haters or haters.

With that you will be labeled as kind and friendly and they will feel comfortable visiting your Chanel. Which of these can make you even more excited and famous for your popularity.

4. Focus on the topic of your video

For example, you have a hobby in the world of culinary, aka cooking, you can record and then upload it which was previously packaged in something interesting.

From there, consistency should be maintained in maintaining the topics that you create so as not to confuse visitors and can have targeted subscribers. That's where you can develop other businesses from the food that you often make by promoting it in your videos. There must be many who are interested.

5. Consistently make your video

These are tips for becoming a successful YouTuber that many people have proven. namely by making a schedule for video updates.

You can do this once a day or 3 times a week. Try at least that in 1 week 2 times, for example Monday and Thursday.

Or you can set a schedule like:

*. Monday and Tuesday make a video

*. Wednesday upload and chat with visitors

*. Wednesday Thursday made a video

*. Friday uploaded the video and answered every incoming comment

*. Saturdays and Sundays are off at the same time to find inspiration.

In addition to making visitors enjoy your video, this will also make visitors always want to know and be curious about what kind of video you want to display. So they always stand by in front of the computer every time you schedule a video to post.

Thus the discussion about tips for becoming a successful YouTuber from the start that is suitable for beginners. Hopefully Useful for all of us.

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