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Tips for Safe Playing Gadgets So As Not To Damage Your Eyes

 Gadgets have become our daily necessities. However, be careful, using gadgets for too long can damage the eyes. These are tips for playing gadgets that are safe for the eyes.

gadget seems to have been transformed into an important part of today's society. Often, even without realizing it, you are already using your device for more than 4 hours a day, or maybe even longer than that.

To deal with this, you are required to continue to be vigilant and remain careful. The reason is, excessive use of gadgets is closely related to eye or vision damage.

Therefore, know the dangers, tips, and prevent eye health from being damaged by playing gadgets through the following description.

The Danger of Gadgets for Eye Health

Please note, the habit of using a device for a long time can have a bad effect on eye health. The following are health hazards that can damage eye health due to using gadgets for too long.

1. Dry Eye Syndrome

Dry eye syndrome indicates a disturbance in the tear production and distribution system. Where this disorder can be caused by various eye diseases (multifactorial).

Dry eye conditions can also cause discomfort in the eyes and cause blurry vision.

If left untreated, dry eyes can lead to permanent damage to the corneal lining of the eye.

Complaints or symptoms that often occur in cases of dry eye are as follows:

Stinging and dryness of the eyes.

Feels like a foreign object or a gritty sensation on the surface of the eye.

Red eye.

Often watery.

Eye irritation.

Glare eyes.

Eyesight a little disturbed.

Excessive use of gadgets is known to be associated with dry eye syndrome due to the frequency of blinking which automatically decreases.

In fact, the blink plays an important role in spreading the tears produced by the glands in the eye and to wet the surface of the eye.

2. Nearsightedness (myopia)

Myopia or nearsightedness, is a condition of blurry vision when looking at objects that are far away. Even so, the eye is still able to clearly see objects at close range.

Several recent studies have found that extensive near work activity is one of the factors that cause nearsightedness.

This situation is often caused by the use of cellphones or gadgets. Where you are on the move to see the screen of your device at a close enough distance and for a long time.

3. Eyes tired

When your eyes feel tired, tense, and your vision becomes blurry after a long period of work, then you are likely experiencing astenopia.

Astenopia or eye strain is a condition that occurs when the eyes experience fatigue after exertion. Looking at gadgets for too long is also often associated with this condition.

4. Retinal cell degeneration (Age Related Macular Degeneration)

Recent research has linked the risk of retinal cell damage (ARMD) disease can appear quickly due to excessive use of the device.

The eye condition is caused by the blue light emitted by the gadget's screen, which, when examined in vitro, can actually damage the macular cells in the retina.

Although it still needs further research, the results of these studies should be aware of and avoid the risks.

Tips for Preventing Eye Damage When Playing Gadgets

To avoid the risk of damage and eye disorders above, here are some safe tips for playing gadgets that you can do.

1. Limit the Time to Use the Device

Avoid excessive use and limit the time to use the device. For example, use an application to limit the use of social media on your cellphone to a maximum of 1 hour per day.

Make rules for how long you can play gadgets in the application. If it's been 1 hour, for example, a warning will appear on the screen of your device, and you must stop using the gadget immediately.

2. Rest your eyes often

Rest your eyes at least every 20 minutes while using the device continuously.

Take about 20 seconds to look at the distance within a radius of about 20 feet or 6 meters.
By doing this, you will rest your eyes and keep them from working too hard.

3. Keep your distance from the gadget

Don't use your device too close! We recommend that you leave a distance of about 30–45 cm between the screen of the gadget and your eyes.

If you are too close, the light and blue light on your device can make your eyes work harder, you get headaches easily, and your eyes dry out easily.

4. Closing Your Eyes

Closing your eyes for at least 30 seconds can help spread the tears to cover the entire surface of the eye.

This way, the eyes stay wet and don't dry out. So, start to close your eyes when you start to feel itchy and dry while playing on your device.

5. Don't forget to blink

When playing your device too seriously, for example when you are playing a game or reading something fun, you may forget to close your eyes.

To prevent eye problems (dry or itchy eyes, for example) that occur as a result of playing gadgets over time, try blinking every now and then.

Blinking is a mechanism made by our bodies to keep our eyes wet and protected. Blink frequently when you are doing work that requires long-term eye concentration.

6.Gently massage the corners of the eyes

You can also massage the corner of the eye to treat tired eyes after staring at the screen for a long time.

First, make sure you wash your hands thoroughly. After that, try to massage the corner of the eye near the nose in a gentle circular motion.

This massage can smooth the flow of tears in the ducts. In people who have a history of dry eyes, this can be very helpful.

7. Don't Use Too Bright Light

Other tips for playing gadgets, especially in a dark room, don't use too bright light.

Dim your eyes with the light on your Gadget's screen as low as possible so they don't work too hard.

Gadgets can indeed provide convenience as well as a medium of entertainment in your spare time.

->However, don't get complacent so use it carelessly or excessively. You don't want to have eye damage or vision problems, do you?

For that, follow the tips and prevent damaged eyes from playing cellphones, laptops, or other gadgets, according to the suggestions above. If you need more information, don't hesitate to ask questions, Thank you

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