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Benefits of young coconut water on Covid-19 patients Pasien

COVID-19 infection can be more difficult to treat if the patient has co-morbidities. To prevent comorbidities, consuming coconut water regularly can be an option.

Illustration of the Danger of Disease and Associates in Covid-19 Patients

As Indonesians, we are certainly familiar with the term PSBB. Yes, the large-scale social restrictions were carried out to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Unfortunately, in the last few weeks, COVID-19 cases have continued to increase because the PSBB has been relaxed and we are heading for a new normal period.

Talking about positive cases and deaths due to the corona virus in Indonesia, it should also be noted that we are now ranked first in Southeast Asia Asia.

Relationship between Comorbidities and Fatal Risk of COVID-19 Infection

Even though it is not the first country to be infected, the number of positive cases in Indonesia is actually much higher than neighboring countries such as Singapore, the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam!

Investigate, it turns out that there are triggering factors why positive cases and deaths of COVID-19 in Indonesia are high. These factors include the presence of comorbid diseases or comorbidities in corona virus patients.

What are comorbidities or comorbidities? This is a disease that is already present in the body or suffered by the patient. This can happen because of an unhealthy lifestyle or a history of hereditary diseases.

As for some examples of comorbidities that are often owned, including high blood pressure alias hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, and obesity (obesity).

So, why do all these diseases affect the risk of being infected with the corona virus or SARS-CoV-2 in the community, huh?

According to DR. med. Dr. Maya Surjadjaja, M. Gizi, SpGK, FAAMFM, there are several reasons why people with co-morbidities are more at risk of being infected with the corona virus and experiencing a more fatal impact.

First, people with comorbid diseases, such as cardiometabolic, have had chronic inflammation in their bodies for a long time.

If there is chronic inflammation that lasts a long time, the body's immune system automatically decreases.

Then the second, the ACE2 receptor, which is an enzyme attached to the outer surface of cells (cell membranes) in almost all organs. For example, in the lungs, arteries, heart, kidneys, and intestines. This receptor has a strong affinity with the SARS-CoV-2 virus, said dr. Maya.

This binding to the ACE2 receptor is what ultimately "helps" the corona virus enter the host cell.

That's why the symptoms of COVID-19 are present in these organs and vary widely, such as respiratory problems, cough, sore throat, liver inflammation, seizures, joint pain, skin rashes, decreased function of the senses of taste and smell, to diarrhea," he explained.

In addition, dr. Maya also explained that compared to MERS or SARS (a type of corona virus that had previously plagued), SARS-CoV-2 had a higher affinity for recognizing the ACE2 receptor.

Therefore, this corona virus infection is very easy and very quickly transmitted from one person to another.

Doctor Maya also added, "If the organ has problems from the start and there is chronic inflammation, the consequences will be worse.

Benefits of Coconut Water

If comorbid disease is a factor that can exacerbate and increase the risk of getting COVID-19, you must be wondering, can we do "special ways" to prevent heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes in order to avoid corona virus infection?

The answer is, there is! As a specialist who practices integrated anti aging medicine, dr. Maya recommends that you take care of your health thoroughly and optimally.

Yes, you need proper nutrition and supplements. Not only that, you are advised to maintain sleep patterns, manage stress well, exercise regularly, and maintain hormonal balance.

Of the many ways, and considering that Indonesia is a tropical country that along its coast is overgrown with coconut trees, then, consuming coconut water can actually provide various benefits for you.

Young coconut water can help meet fluid needs, especially for seniors (elderly) who often don't drink enough to become dehydrated and their immune system decreases, “said dr. Maya.

Meanwhile, of the many elements in coconut water, there is something called potassium or potassium mineral.

People with hypertension, people who want to prevent high blood pressure so as not to have a stroke, or avoid coronary heart disease, generally require adequate potassium intake.

Not only that, another content in coconut water, namely L-arginine, is also beneficial for people with heart disease or for people who want to prevent cardiovascular disease.

Doctor Maya said, L-arginine is an amino acid that produces nitric oxide. Nitric oxide can dilate blood vessels, so it can improve arterial blood flow to the heart and prevent thrombosis (blood clots).

In addition, L-arginine can reduce free radicals. Thus, oxidative stress in heart cells can be reduced.

For diabetics or for those of you who want to prevent diabetes, coconut water can also provide its own benefits.

The magnesium contained in coconut water can make insulin more sensitive, thus preventing insulin resistance.

The low calorie content and the presence of fiber in young coconut water can also make it a menu intake for diabetics.

For people who have a large belly circumference or overweight, the pancreas is still diligent in producing insulin so that insulin levels gradually increase.

This is called insulin resistance. By improving your lifestyle, insulin resistance in prediabetes can actually be improved, so you can prevent diabetes.

On the other hand, if you don't change your lifestyle, this is what will happen. Although insulin levels increase, sugar (glucose) cannot enter the cells as it should.

As a result, glucose will accumulate in the blood and gradually make its levels higher than normal limits.

It's also important to know that even though it seems to be just a liquid, it turns out that coconut water contains fiber and minimal carbohydrates!

Where the content of fiber and carbohydrates is little it is suitable for those who want to overcome or prevent obesity.

Coconut Water as a Drink After Sports

Meanwhile, many people have been active #StayAtHome since the COVID-19 pandemic occurred.

On the positive side, it can indeed break the chain of spread of the virus. The negative, the needle of the scale so it moves to the right!

To lose weight, now people try to do physical activities, either outside the home by cycling or jogging, or exercising at home by doing gymnastics or yoga.

By exercising, it is indeed able to increase endurance plus prevent comorbidities in the future.

Given that coconut water is very beneficial for health, can it be used as a post-workout drink?

According to dr. Maya, instead of consuming sugary or high-calorie drinks that can increase chronic inflammation and weight gain, drinking coconut water can be an alternative to restore the body's freshness.

"Compared to consuming sports drinks, coconut water is basically easier to tolerate by the body even though its sodium content is relatively low. In addition, coconut water also rarely causes flatulence and nausea. So, it doesn't matter if you drink it after exercising with a reasonable dose.

Consumption of Coconut Water Can Relieve High Blood Pressure Disease

Now, you already know that coconut water is easy to get, inexpensive, and has various health benefits, especially during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Doctor Maya explained, “To help lower blood pressure, coconut water can be consumed as much as 300 ml, twice a day. However, in some studies, it only helps lower systolic blood pressure (upper blood pressure).”

We are recommended to meet the fluid intake of 2 liters. As much as 1,500 ml can be obtained from plain water, while the remaining 500 ml can be obtained from coconut water. However, this of course only applies to healthy adults,” added dr. Maya.

Coconut water is safe for consumption by various ages, including children, if given in moderation.

For those of you who have arrhythmia problems, kidney insufficiency, or are taking certain medications, you should first consult a doctor if you want to consume coconut water regularly. This is to avoid unwanted side effects.

Meanwhile, for those who already have hypertension, heart disease, and diabetes, coconut water can help relieve these diseases.

In addition to the things mentioned above, dr. Maya also reminded all of us to continue to prevent COVID-19 so that cases in Indonesia do not increase.

For example, implementing health protocols (masks, washing hands, and physical distancing), and using disinfectants.

For nutrition tips, try to eat more vegetables and fruit, healthy fats, eat less foods that contain a lot of sugar or are fried in too hot oil,” ordered dr. Maya.

Not only that, dr. Maya also reminded, the need for supplementation of vitamin C, vitamin D3, and glutathione.

Also balance your hormones by getting enough sleep and exercising and basking in the sun. Finally, don't delay regular health checks to the doctor if there are co-morbidities.

That's the explanation about the benefits of coconut water during the COVID-19 pandemic. By implementing health protocols combined with a healthy and clean lifestyle, this will have a positive impact on reducing COVID-19 cases in Indonesia.

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