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Comparison Between Laptop or PC


The existence of a computer as a technological device is indeed very easy for humans in carrying out their duties, now computers have even become a must-have thing, especially for work, education and entertainment purposes.

What are PCs? Computer? Laptops? Notebooks?

In terms of usability, both computers, PCs, laptops, and notebooks are actually the same, the same as computerized devices. But the difference is size, compatibility, price and others.

This means that we always associate that a PC computer is a large device that is usually placed on a table and cannot be carried.

While laptops and notebooks are a form of technological adjustment to human needs, namely flexible and can be taken wherever we go wherever we go.Then what are the advantages and disadvantages between a PC and a laptop?

Advantages and disadvantages of a PC or desktop computer.

Advantages and disadvantages of a desktop PC/computer.

Strength AMD weekness

More affordable prices can't be carried around

free to choose the components used must do the assembly yourself

Can be adjusted as needed depending on the current source

components can be upgraded according to the type used type

Big order

Advantages and disadvantages of laptops/notebooks

Advantages of PC / Personal Computer

Performance is better in terms of performance
Cheaper price than a laptop
Easier Hardware Upgrades
Maintenance or cleaning a PC Easier than a laptop, a little more complicated to open it
Strong Non-Stop 24 Hours of performance compared to laptops
Difficult to steal because PCs are mostly stand by at home (Home Children).

But there must be a shortage of PC / Personal Computers

More watts needed

Vulnerable to damage to the hard disk if the electricity is prone to fluctuations in electricity, but can be overcome by using a UPS (Uninteruptable Power System)

Not mobile because of the large size of the PC/Personal Computer

Advantages of Laptops

The advantages of laptops are;

Laptop body design is better than PC

Don't need big voltage for laptop

Less bad sectors on the Laptop HDD due to the laptop battery

Mobile, because the laptop is light so it can be carried easily.

But there must be a shortage of laptops

Easy to steal because it is often carried in the bag

It's difficult to upgrade hardware such as VGA and other hardware

Hardware maintenance or cleaning the hardware is more complicated because opening the laptop case is more complicated than PC

The price is more expensive with minimum specs unless it's second

Well maybe that's it for now, if there is input from others, I really hope to collect the advantages and disadvantages of this PC and laptop for comparison.

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