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Which is Good, HP Laptop or Asus Laptop

Every year the development of technology is increasing. This has an impact on the presence of laptop brands that make people have many choices, but this can also be confusing because each laptop has different specifications and types.Like HP laptops and Asus laptops, both are the most popular laptop brands today. In fact, both of them are ranked in the top 5 in the list of the best-selling laptops in Indonesia in 2021. But this is certainly not enough to convince you which is the best HP laptop or Asus laptop?

Which is good, which is an HP laptop or an Asus laptop?HP and Asus are laptop brands that are in great demand today. Both have a good reputation in the field of good technology. Initially Asus was known for its good motherboard devices, while HP was more focused on printers but the quality of their laptops should not be underestimated.
Then if there is a question between the HP and Asus laptop brands which is better? Everyone's answer must be different, but broadly speaking, Asus is in great demand by gamers, while most of its users are office workers.
Well, if you are still confused about choosing one of the two brands, it's good to see the following comparison of HP and Asus laptops.

Advantages of HP Laptops

HP Inc. is a company from the United States that produces various devices ranging from printers, laptops, to PCs. Even though the printer products are more popular, it doesn't mean that the laptop products are mediocre.

Even in 2018, HP ranks fourth as the best-selling laptop brand in the world and is only 4 points away from Asus in second place. Then what are the advantages of HP laptops compared to Asus laptops?


HP laptop battery life has been proven to be able to be used for hours, even if only used for writing or doing tasks, the battery can last up to 12 hours wow amazing. In addition, HP laptops are equipped with sturdy casings, making them suitable for active users.

Engine Performance

For office workers, students, and others, as well as business people, of course, want to have a laptop with stable performance. This is where HP comes in, they provide a good machine warranty and are very supportive of work that requires a laptop with qualified quality.

Competitive price

Before buying a laptop or any item, price must be a major consideration for some people. If faced with the price factor, of course people will choose the easier price. Several types of HP laptops have competitive prices with their competitors.

Disadvantages of HP Laptops are
Despite having product advantages that are quite capable of attracting buyers, HP laptops cannot be separated from shortcomings that can be a reference before deciding which HP laptop or Asus laptop is good. Here are the disadvantages of HP laptops.

Rigid Design

External appearance is one of the factors before buying a laptop. Unfortunately, from several types of laptops owned by HP, the design looks stiff and monotonous. There are no privileges offered by HP for their laptop products.

Frequent Overheating

The next disadvantage of HP laptops is that the engine heats up quickly, especially if it is used to play games for a long time. But actually this deficiency is only found in the middle to lower HP laptop series.

Unimportant Software

On every HP laptop there is some software that is automatically installed. This of course is considered less important because the software is not in accordance with our wishes and will only fill memory space.

Best and cheapest HP laptop recommendations under 4 million: HP 15-db0005au, HP 14-g102au, HP EliteBook Folio 9470M

Advantages of Asus Laptops
Asus is a Taiwanese company that produces computers, laptops, notebooks, PC monitors, and smartphones. Founded in 1989, Asus is currently the most popular trademark in technology.

In Indonesia, Asus laptops are popular with almost all people because of their quality and affordable prices. Then what are the advantages of Asus laptops compared to HP laptops?

Modern and Diverse Design, Attractive
Asus laptops have a modern and diverse exterior. Even for certain series, Asus laptops are made thin, giving an elegant impression. Of course, this benefits prospective buyers because they can choose the laptop model that suits their wishes.

Many Product Choices

In addition to its elegant design, Asus always releases the latest laptop products ranging from VivoBook, ZenBook to Asus ROG which are already well-known among gamers and even creative workers. Even Rich Brian uses Asus ROG to produce his music.

Excellent Motherboard Quality

Because it has experience producing motherboards, of course Asus does not want its laptop products to have the usual quality. For this reason, Asus laptops are equipped with tough hardware so that they can be used for heavy activities.

Friendly Price

Furthermore, the advantages of Asus laptops are having a laptop series at low prices. You can even get certain series of Asus laptops at a price of 2 million.

Disadvantages of Asus Laptops
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Even though it has many advantages, Asus laptops are still electronic items that cannot be perfect. There must be shortcomings that might be a good solution which is an HP laptop or an Asus laptop. Here are the disadvantages of Asus laptops.

Lack of Authorized Service Center

An official service center is needed if there is a warranty product that is damaged. But Asus seems to pay less attention to this. In some cities there is not even an official service center. In addition, working on a problematic laptop is also quite long.

There are Problems in Certain Series

Certain Asus laptops, especially those produced in 2015 and below, often experience problems with the touchpad and hard drive. But it seems Asus has overcome it for the latest series.

Recommendations for the best quality Asus laptop series: Asus Transformer Book T101HA, Asus ZenBook Pro UX550VD, Asus VivoBook Flip TP200SA.

In choosing a laptop, you should think carefully, the reason is because both HP laptops or Asus laptops have different advantages, disadvantages, and specifications. We recommend that you choose a laptop that suits your needs.

Our advice if you want to have a laptop that is durable while doing gaming and video editing activities, an Asus laptop can be an option. But if you need a laptop just for writing and other standard activities, an HP laptop can be the solution.

After reading the comparison above, it is hoped that it can provide a reference for you to determine which is a good HP laptop or an Asus laptop.


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