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How to Break Wifi Password Without Application

 How to Break Wifi Password - In today's world, internet connection has shifted to become one of the primary human needs. Various communication devices, from cellphones to laptops, all require an internet connection.

Because the need for an internet connection is so great, it's not surprising that many public places, cafes or restaurants install wifi to provide internet connections for their customers for free.

This is certainly a blessing for those of you who live around locations that have wifi installed to enjoy free internet facilities.

However, if most of the wifi connections provided by cafes or restaurants are protected with a password, only certain people or customers who know the wifi password can use it.

But you don't need to worry, because on this occasion we will share how to break into wifi without an application and with an application using an android phone or laptop.

How to Hack Wifi

Before you try to break into wifi with tools or applications, you can try guessing the wifi password first who knows if it works, if you are tired of guessing and the password doesn't go through, you can try several ways to find out the neighbor's wifi password below.

How to Break Wifi with an Android Phone HP

For you Android cellphone users, there are lots of applications on the Play store that you can use to break into wifi passwords and use them for free, actually the main function of the application was to do wifi security testing, but if you find a security hole in the wifi you can use it to connect to the wifi network.

1. How to Hack Wifi Using Wifi Master

The first way to break into wifi with an android cellphone is to use the wifi master application, the wifi master key is a wifi breaker application that is quite popular with the number of users who have reached millions of users spread all over the world.

How to use the wifi master key is also very easy, you just need to download the Wifi Master Key application above on the google playstore or directly on this website, after that the Wifi master key will scan automatically.

After the scanning process is complete, a list of wifi will be displayed that you can try one by one, please click Connect on the wifi you want, if the security system is weak then you can connect automatically.

If it fails to connect, please click connect on another wifi until it works. it is recommended that you activate the data package for a more optimal scanning process.

Download Wifi Master

2. How to Break Wifi Password with Andro Dumper

The next application that you can use to crack wifi passwords is Andro Dumper, this application can be used on cellphones that have been rooted or not.

Please download this Andro Dumper application for free on google playstore. after successfully downloaded you can immediately run this application.

Before using this application, make sure you have turned on the wifi network on your android phone, after this application is open, please click the refresh button in the upper right corner of the application.

Then select one of the displayed wifi networks, if a notification appears immediately select No Root.

Next, select no custom pin and wait until the scanning process is complete. Then the network details box will appear and click copy password.

If so, just paste the password in your wifi network settings.

Download Andro Dumpper

3. Hack Wifi with WPS WPA Tester

The way to break into the next wifi password is to use the WPS WPA Tester Application, this application is one of the legendary applications for free wifi hunters.

This application can be used on both rooted and unrooted android phones, you can get this wifi hacking application for free on google playstore.

After you download this application, just activate your wifi network then open the WPS WPA Tester application, then press the 3 dots icon in the top corner then select Check Wpa_cli and click Scan Wifi.

Wait until the scanning process is complete and the application displays a list of wifi connections around you.

Please select a wifi network with a green indicator, this green indicator indicates that wifi uses an open key and can be cracked using this application.

After that click Connect Automatic Pin at the bottom and wait until the wifi password you choose is displayed.

Download WPS WPA Tester

How to Hack Wifi with Laptop

After successfully breaking into wifi using an Android cellphone, Laptop users don't need to be discouraged, even though they can find out the wifi password using the Android application above and then use it to log in via a laptop, you can also directly break into wifi using your laptop.

1. How to Hack Wifi on a Laptop Using CMD

The first way you can do to break into wifi using a laptop is with the Command Prompt application.

Command Prompt or CMD is a default application that is available on all computers with Windows operating systems.

Here is how to hack wifi using CMD:

.First activate the wifi connection on your laptop to see what wifi is available in its range

.Then open CMD by pressing the Windows key + R simultaneously, after that type "CMD" and press ok.

.After cmd appears, type the command netsh wlan show profiles then enter.

.Then a wifi network will appear that was previously connected to your laptop.

.Then type the command netsh wlan show profiles name=NAMA_PROFILE_WIFI key=clear,then  Enter

.The wifi password is located in the “Key Content” line

.Now you just need to enter the wifi password.

Actually this method is not a way to break into other people's wifi passwords, but it can be used to break into wifi passwords that are already stored on a laptop, you can use this method to see the wifi passwords stored on your friends' laptops.

2. How to break into Wifi that has never been connected to a laptop

The last way to hack wifi on a laptop is to use Jumpstart and Dumper, this method you can use to break into wifi that has never been connected on your laptop. Previously you need to download some of the software below.

After you have downloaded the two materials above, then do the steps below:

The first step is to run the dumper application that was installed earlier.

Then you just click scan.

If there is WIFI that can be hacked, then the name of the wifi (SSID) will appear on the list

If there is a wifi that is possible to be cracked. please select the existing wifi. then click "wpswin" (the text will change to "Cancelar"), then click "JumpStart" to get started.

Please wait, the application is looking for the wifi password. If successful, a finish window will appear and you will automatically be connected to the wifi you just broke.

Final Words from me:

Those are some ways to break into wifi using Android phones and laptops that you can try by yourself, please use the application or method that you think is the easiest and safest.

The tutorial above is intended only for learning, not to be misused, wifi owners must also always improve their wifi security, not only in passwords but can be given additional protection such as IP range, or Hidden SSID so that it is more secure.

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