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How to Spam SMS Using Termux


How to Spam SMS Termux / Spam SMS is a method of sending tens to hundreds of SMS messages to certain numbers continuously without pause until the target cellphone lags and cannot be used.

In the past, before the existence of Android smartphones, to spam SMS, we usually used the manual method or used the SMS bomber application.

With the development of technology and the increasing number of Android users, you can now spam SMS via your Android smartphone using the Termux Application.

What is Termux?

The Termux application or Linux terminal is a console application that can be run on Android smartphones as well as the terminal console on the Linux operating system, because basically Android also uses the Linux kernel so that commands in the Linux terminal can be run on Termux as well.

How to Spam SMS Using Termux, namely

On this occasion I will give a tutorial on how to spam SMS using the termux application with the python script in the git repository.

However, you must create a github account first because the python script containing the program for spam sms must be cloned to your own personal github account.

In this tutorial I will practice using termux on windows, for those of you who want to install termux on windows, you can follow the following guide: 

1.Please register for a github account first at using your active email address.

2.Open termux application.

3.Type sudo su and enter your termux password to become super user.

4.After that type apt update && apt upgrade to update your termux package.

5.Then type pkg install git then type [y].

6.If you have already installed the git package, you must install python2 by typing the command apt install python2.

7.Next, you have to clone the spam sms script to your git account by typing the command git clone

8.If the username and password form appears, please enter the username and password for the github account that you created.

9.After that, please type ls to view the contents of your directory, if there is a folder with the name Bombers, it means that the clone process has been successful.

10.Please go to the Bombers directory by cd Bombers.

11.Type ls again to browse the Bombers directory, you will see some files with the extension .py which is an extension of the python script.

12.You can use the script and execute it with the command python2

13.After that, the SMS Bomber screen will appear, please enter your cellphone number, the number of messages you want to send and the delay time between messages.

14.Then press Enter.

Final words from me:

Please note in advance that the success rate of SMS spam using termux depends on the SMS api server used.

If the SMS API server is dead then the process cannot run, to overcome this you have to find another spam sms script that is widely available on github and then clone it with the method above as I have shown.

Hopefully the above information is useful and thank you.

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