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Released in 2022, Apple's M2 Chipset Brings Advanced Technology


Following the M1 chipet which was previously released from the M2, Apple is said to be introducing its new chipset named M2 in 2022. Ahead of his arrival, a number of leaks were revealed.

Previously, the M1 chipset came with a number of perfections that made this device's innards very deadly because of the support for the super-sophisticated 5nm process.

Reporting from GSM Arena, the successor to the M1 chipset was finally prepared by Apple, the M2 chipset. There are striking differences between these two chipsets. The chipet was developed by TSMC using the 4nm process.

This lower process makes the M2 chipset claimed to be more powerful and economical when compared to the previously introduced M1 chipset.

There hasn't been much information about the M2 chipset. However, this chipset is believed to carry 10 CPU cores. While the M2 chipset is likely to carry lower GPU cores than the M1 chipset.

A number of leaks from the previous mention that the M2 chipset has already begun to be produced and will only be launched in 2022. The possibility of this chipset will be the power for a number of iPad later.

Long before, Apple introduced the M1 chipset using an ARM architecture similar to the system on chip of a number of iPhone and iPad devices.

Until now, it is still unknown when Apple will introduce the M2 chipset. The reason is, this HP vendor chooses to keep his mouth shut and doesn't talk much about the new chipset.

Of course, the presence of the Apple M2 chipset makes many people curious. The reason is that the Apple M1 chipset used in Mac devices today already has high performance and very good power efficiency, although not many applications support the chipset.

In addition to the Apple M2, Apple is now also preparing the Apple A15 chipset which is predicted to be announced along with the launch of the iPhone 13 Series in September 2021. Let's just wait.

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