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These 17 Applications Are Infected With Joker Malware, Immediately Remove From Your Android Phone


Android devices are under threat again. This time, malware called Joker was again found nested in a number of applications on the Google Play Store. British cybersecurity company Zscaler said the malware was found in 17 different applications. Starting from messaging applications, photos, to emoticons. According to researchers, the Joker malware can infiltrate the device and peek at messages, contact lists, to the victim's device information. In fact, the malware secretly registers victims to premium WAP (wireless application protocol) services.

This spyware is designed to steal SMS contents, contact lists, and other information secretly," said Zscaler Representative, Viral Gandhi. Based on reports, the 17 applications have been installed 120,000 times by Android users. The following is a list:

All Good PDF Scanner Blue Scanner Care Message Desire Translate Direct Messenger Hummingbird PDF Converter - Photo to PDF Meticulous Scanner Mint Leaf Message-Your Private Message One Sentence Translator - Multifunctional Translator Paper Doc Scanner Part Message Private SMS Style Photo Collage Talent Photo Editor - Blur focus Tangram App Lock Unique Keyboard Fancy Fonts & Free Emoticons The Google Security Team has also removed all the Joker malware infiltrated apps from the Play Store. Joker itself is a type of malware that is usually used to drain the contents of the victim's wallet. The malware will make victims subscribe to premium services without realizing it. Also read: Blackrock Malware Threatens Hundreds of Popular Applications on Android This is not the first time Joker has been found in applications on the Google Play Store. In early September, Google also removed as many as six applications known to contain the Joker malware. Well, if you have already installed one of the applications listed above, you should immediately delete it from your device. As summarized Lifehacker, Android users are also asked to be more careful and selective in installing applications.

Be Careful, There Are Fake Windows 11 That Contains Malware

Microsoft introduced Windows 11 at the end of last June. This new operating system will be officially distributed at the end of 2021. Although it has not been officially released, the preview version of Windows 11 can actually be tested by several users. The trick is to register in the Windows Insider Program. However, there are some stubborn users who download Windows 11 preview versions from unofficial sources. This was eventually exploited by cybercriminals to distribute fake Windows 11 previews containing malicious software. At least that's what security firm Kaspersky recently discovered. Through its official page, Kaspersky reports, a fake Windows 11 preview downloaded from an unofficial source also contains an executable (.exe) file named "86307_windows 11 build 21996.1 x64 + activator.exe" measuring 1.75 GB.

When run, the installation process starts as usual. But after that, this file will download and run other executable file

In the second file, according to Kaspersky, users are directed to install the download manager of the fake Windows 11 preview. In this process, the user will be presented with a Windows 11 license notice. In the notice it states that "dowload manager for 86307_windows 11 build 21996.1 x64 + activator is bundled with additional offers from our sponsors". In this way, the perpetrator designs so that malicious software such as adware and malware can be installed on the user's computer without the victim realizing it. "The program can be very diverse, ranging from relatively harmless adware, password stealers, Trojans, to other malware," Kaspersky wrote, as compiled from the official Kaspersky website.

Because there are various malware lurking, Kaspersky recommends that users install Windows 11 from official sources aka the Windows Insider Program only.

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