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Understanding Technology According to Experts, Know the Benefits and Types

In this era of technological development, many people have used technology in their daily activities. Various sectors have also used technology to help their activities.

In general, the notion of technology is science that studies skills in creating tools to processing methods to help complete various human jobs. Experts / researchers also have their own understanding of technology.

To find out more clearly about the definition of technology according to experts, its benefits and types, has summarized it from various sources. Here's the full review.

Understanding Technology According to Experts


Understanding technology is one of the systematic discussions of applied arts or carpentry. This refers to literature from Greece which alludes to Technologia which comes from the word techne which means art discourse.

Manuel Castells

Understanding technology is a collection of tools, rules and procedures which are the application of scientific knowledge to a particular job under conditions that allow repetition.


Understanding technology is a hallmark of the existence of a human glory, where this proves that humans cannot live just to eat, but need more than that.

Gary J. Anglin

Understanding technology is the application of behavioral and natural sciences as well as other knowledge in a systematic and systematic way to solve human problems.

Merriam Webster

Technology is an application of practical knowledge, especially in a particular field; how to complete a task primarily by using technical processes, methods, or knowledge; as well as special aspects of certain business fields.

Jacques Elli

Understanding technology is the whole method that rationally leads and has the characteristics of efficiency in every human activity.


Understanding technology is a form of process that increases added value. The running process can use or produce a particular product, where the product is not separated from other existing products. It also states that technology is an integral part of being embodied in a particular system.

Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI)

The definition of technology according to the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI) is a scientific method used to achieve practical goals, and is one of the applied sciences.

Technology Benefits

In this day and age, technological developments are accelerating. Various sectors also use technology to help their activities.

Launching from, there are several benefits of technology that are important for you to know, including:

1. Help and facilitate human activities.

2. Can lighten a very heavy job.

3. Can increase employment opportunities.

4. Can be easily operated.

5. Can be used by various groups.

Technology Type

Launching from, there are several types of technology, including:

1. Information technology, which is a technology that can help humans to convey information to others quickly and effectively.

2. Communication technology, which is a technology that can help humans communicate with each other, where they send information to each other using a certain device.

3. Educational technology, namely technology related to the world of education, where the activities utilize certain tools.

4. Transportation technology, which is a technology that helps humans to move from one location to another in a fast time.

5. Medical technology, which is a technology related to medical science, where medical activities already utilize medical technology.

6. Construction Technology, which is a technology related to building structures.

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