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GPU Prices Reported to Rise Again, Scarcity Continues


It's no secret that the price of computer graphics cards (GPUs) is currently exorbitant due to the problem of supply shortages that are unable to keep up with high demand. Not to mention the actions of crypto miners who are fond of buying GPUs on the market. A glimmer of hope appeared in mid-2021 when German market watcher 3DCenter reported that GPU prices began to decline in Europe. However, in its latest report, 3DCenter said that GPU prices rose again throughout August. It is stated that the price trend of Nvidia GeForce based GPUs has increased from 50 percent above the official retail price on August 8, 2021 to 59 percent on August 29, 2021. Intel Shows off Arc Capability, Competing GeForce GPUs and Radeon Meanwhile, the price trend of AMD Radeon based GPUs is actually has consistently increased over the past two months, from 53 percent above the official retail price in early July to 64 percent at the end of August. The current GPU price is always above the official retail (MSRP) due to scarcity.

According to 3D Center records, GPU prices peaked in May, where GPUs based on Nvidia GeForce could be priced at three times more than MSRP, while AMD Raden's price tag was twice as high as the official retail price.

GPU shortage is predicted to continue

The GPU market in China was flooded with used graphics cards from cryptocurrencies whose mining activities were suppressed by the country's authorities. However, from KompasTekno's observations some time ago, it has relatively little effect on GPU prices in Indonesia, which are still expensive, although there may be a slight decline. Both Nvidia and AMD predict that the supply shortage problem is also predicted to continue, at least through this year, or could even be delayed until 2022. "For this year, (GPU supply) will continue to be tight. In 2022, I think the situation will be depending on market dynamics," said AMD CEO Lisa Su in an interview earlier this month. Three bucks with Nvidia. CEO Jensen Huang even said GPU supply will continue to be tight in 2022. "For now, I think supply constraints will persist for most of next year," he said in an interview in mid-August. Read also: The fate of new graphics cards, rare and rarely used by gamers One other thing that has the potential to increase GPU prices further is the decision of chip manufacturer TSMC to increase prices by 10 percent for the "advanced chip" (7nm) category, which includes GPUs. TSMC is a manufacturer that produces AMD Radeon and Nvidia GeForce GPU chips. It is not yet clear what impact the price increase at this factory will have on the retail price of GPU products. What is clear, there is a pretty high possibility that GPU prices will rise even higher.

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