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Great, Android 12 Phones Can Control With Facial Gestures


In addition to the latest design language (UI) with the nickname "Material You", the Android 12 smartphone operating system (OS) will also be equipped with a number of new features that focus on the ease of use of mobile phones (accessibility). One of them is a feature that allows navigation between menus to be controlled using facial gestures. Later, the facial gesture feature will be accessible in two ways, namely through the latest system application on Android 12 called Accessibility Suite (via the Camera Switches feature), and the Project Activate application. In the Accessibility Suite app, users can use a variety of facial expressions, such as opening their mouth, smiling, or moving their eyebrows to perform some common commands on their phone, such as selecting text or navigating between menus. Meanwhile, the facial gesture feature in the Project Activate application can be used to activate various features in a number of conventional applications, such as setting music, sending SMS, and so on.

In addition to the command feature using facial movements, Google is also presenting a handwriting recognition feature in the Lookout application on Android 12.

and Now, the application can detect and read out Latin text via "Documents mode, as well as Euro and Rupee currencies. The Android 12 update will also bring down a number of features that were previously exclusive to Pixel phones, to all phones running the OS from the successor to Android 11. Two of them are the Smart Compose sentence prediction feature in the Google Keyboard application, and the Heads Up feature in the Digital Wellbeing application to remind users not to look away while walking.

There is also a new feature in Google Assistant that allows users to easily view and manage their schedule, as well as a new feature in Nearby Share that can be used to see and control who can see our devices. It is not yet known whether these features will be exclusive to Android 12 or not. Google has also not revealed when actually Android 12 will be able to be tested by smartphone users around the world. However, this latest OS is said to be released to the public at the end of this year or around the beginning of September - the end of November,

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