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How insurance can help support the well-being of all your employees


research by the mental health charity Mindd, in any given year one in four of us will experience a mental health problem. When you add this global pandemic, working from home, juggling parenting, parenting responsibilities or loneliness and isolation, chances are that your employees are facing challenges with their mental health and well-being.

If you are unsure about how to help your workforce, the following insurance-backed products are available to help you proactively support your employees through these uncertain times.

Mental Health Support

The Early Intervention Scheme is the most affordable way to support employees who are absent from work due to musculoskeletal injuries or mental health disorders (which account for more than 40% of all employee absenteeism). This scheme provides fast-track access to physiotherapy or short-term counseling services, helping your employees recover quickly and return to work quickly and safely.

No GP referral required/treatment can be accessed after three consecutive work days of absence, or immediately after a reported motor accident. Unlike some health insurance products, pre-existing conditions are not excluded and coverage is 24/7, so absences don't have to be work-related for you and your employees to benefit.

Have a Cash Package

No one likes going to the dentist – noisy drills and big needles will put the toughest of souls down. Money worries, however, should never be a barrier to staying healthy. Unfortunately for many this is the reality

Cash plans are a very cost-effective way for employers to promote good health among their employees as they remove this barrier. They work by enabling staff to claim back money for a variety of health and wellness costs, including dental and optical expenses, prescription fees, health assessments and more.

Employees can also access support for mental health through confidential and structured sessions with qualified counsellors. Online courses in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy are available, a form of therapy recommended for people suffering from depression and anxiety.

Many have cash plans that also include access to an employee helpline – a dedicated telephone line that provides confidential advice and support with day-to-day concerns that can affect their quality of life and performance at work.

Your Employee Protection Products

More than ever in our pandemic-conscious world, people are asking how our families will cope financially if they become seriously ill, or even die prematurely. The following products provide security and reassurance to your employees that, if something bad happens, their loved ones will be taken care of.

Group Life Insurance

Group life insurance, sometimes known as in-service death insurance, is a life insurance scheme provided by employers to members of their staff. Affordable employee benefits, offering peace of mind that if someone who worked for the company dies, they will usually be given a tax-free lump sum to their heirs.

Many insurance companies offer Employee Assistance Programs with no-surcharge policies, which offer support for health and well-being. Features of this program include access to a general practitioner or specialist consultant, mental health and counseling services, and general health advice, such as nutrition, diet and fitness programmes. This service is not limited only to scheme members, but is also available to all employees and their families.

Main feature:

Flexible pay rates that you decide on, usually based on multiples of the employee's salary or a fixed amount

Beneficiary selection – employees nominate multiple beneficiaries or can request payments to be made to a charity of their choice

Policy payments are usually made tax free

Covid-19 is no exception – the scheme will pay if this is the cause of death

There is no individual coverage, which means pre-existing conditions and lifestyle factors are not considered by the insurance company

Cost: The cost of a Group Life Insurance policy varies as it depends on the number of staff and the level of benefit chosen. However, it always manages to be excellent 'value for money'.

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