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Intel Showcases Arc Capability, Competing GeForce and Radeon GPUs


The computer graphics card (GPU) industry is currently practically only controlled by two players, namely Nvidia with GeForce and AMD with Radeon. Soon there will be a new challenger, namely Intel with Arc. In a post on its website, Intel claims that Arc, which is positioned as a brand like GeForce and Radeon, will deliver powerful gaming performance and stunning visuals. To be more convincing, the chip giant uploaded a video demonstration of Arc while running various games ranging from Forza Horizon 4, Days Gone, to Metro: Exodus. Everything seems to run smoothly, although the graphics and resolution settings are not explained. As a GPU that targets the high-end gaming market, Arc will adopt the Xe-HPG architecture, a combination of the Xe LP, HP, and HPC chip designs previously developed by Intel. The first generation will have the code name "Alchemist.

Arc is also equipped with support for the latest features, including ray-tracing, Direct X12, and "AI Accelerated Super Sampling" which is probably an upscaling technology like Nvidia DLSS and AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution.

Arc GPU products are slated to enter the market in the first quarter of 2022. In addition to Alchemist, Intel is preparing other models codenamed "Battlemage", "Celestial", to "Druid" which will be the successor to Alchemist respectively. Also read: List of the Fastest Processors Master Lu, AMD or Intel versions.

The GPU code names are arranged alphabetically and have a fantasy game theme.

Arc will mark Intel's return to the world of GPU gaming seriously. This manufacturer actually did not start from scratch because it already has a long history of designing graphics cards that can be pulled back to the Intel 740 in 1998. In addition, some time ago Intel also released the Iris Xe (DG1) and Iris Xe Max graphics card series for OEM manufacturer. Many of their processor products are also equipped with an integrated graphics chip.\

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