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RedmiBook 15 Review, Fast Performance, Smooth Multitasking, Quality


RedmiBook 15 is Xiaomi's first laptop product to be marketed in Indonesia. The main selling points of this laptop, which is priced at Rp. 7 million, include a compact and minimalistic design, a spacious screen, a long-lasting battery, and fast memory storage. KompasTekno had the opportunity to try out the Xiaomi RedmiBook 15 in Charcoal Gray color. We use this device for daily activities for approximately three weeks. In terms of packaging, there is nothing special about Xiaomi's first laptop sales box in Indonesia. Like most laptop packaging, the RedmiBook15 sales box is dominated by light brown. On the front, it only says "RedmiBook" in a fairly large size, followed by several symbols of the superior features of this device. The Xiaomi logo is also embedded in the upper right corner of the packaging. On the right side of the packaging box, there is information regarding the model name and the main features of the RedmiBook. There is also a barcode, which when scanned will direct the user to the RedmiBook 15 certification page

When opened, the contents of this cell phone sales box are minimalistic, containing only one laptop device, 65 watt charger adapter, power cable, warranty card, and other user manuals. Xiaomi does not include a laptop bag in the sales box. As a result, when you want to carry it around, users need to buy a laptop bag separately with their own budget. Alternatively, users can use a laptop bag or other bag that they already have, as long as it fits the 15.6-inch laptop.

Smooth body, but looks premium

When you first see it, the RedmiBook 15 looks premium thanks to its metallic gray body. On the front of the laptop, there is only a small embossed with the brand "Redmi" followed by the tagline -Power Your Creativity-. The body of this laptop is entirely made of polycarbonate material. When rubbed, the surface of this laptop is quite slippery. The body made of polycarbonate material also makes traces of stains or sweat very clear, after the device is used all day. However, traces of stains can also be easily cleaned using a microfiber cloth or other rag.

relief screen

When the laptop is opened to view, users will find a 15.6-inch TN-TFT screen with Full HD Plus resolution (1,920 x 1,080 pixels), and a brightness level of 220 nits. Although the screen is relatively wide, this device is compact and easy to carry around. Because, this laptop has a thickness of 19.9mm and weighs less than 2 kg, or 1.8 kg to be precise. The RedmiBook 15 screen has thin right, left, top bezels. So users will get a relieved screen. This spacious screen makes us feel comfortable when looking at the laptop while working, especially when we have to multitask with a split screen screen. Thanks to the 15.6-inch screen, we can still see a fairly large and pleasing display, even using a four-window split screen.

The RedmiBook 15 screen is also equipped with an anti-glare feature. This feature can reduce reflections or shadows from light. Likewise, when users work in bright environments and lots of lights, the RedmiNote 15 screen can still be viewed comfortably because it doesn't reflect too much light around the user.

Smooth multitasking

In the hardware sector, the Xiaomi RedmiBook 15 is equipped with an 11th generation Intel Core i3 processor with speeds up to 4.1 GHz and an integrated graphics processor with Intel UHD Graphics. The processor is paired with 8 GB of DDR4 3200 GHz RAM and 256 GB of SSD storage. During use, we rely on RedmiBook 15 for work support devices, as well as accompanying other daily activities, such as watching movies and listening to music. The result, so far, the performance of the RedmiBook 15 laptop is fairly smooth and quite fast.

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