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Samsung Announces Isocell HP1, 200 MP Camera Sensor for Mobile Phones


After being preceded by a number of rumors, Samsung officially launched its newest camera sensor, Isocell HP1 for camera phones. This sensor supports resolutions up to 200 MP. Isocell HP1 is claimed to be Samsung's first mobile camera sensor and in the mobile industry that supports a resolution of 200 MP. This sensor carries a 1/1.22-inch format with a native size of each pixel of 0.64 microns. Feature-wise, this image sensor is equipped with dynamic pixel binning technology to improve the quality of the captured image. This technology will adjust which method of image merging or pixel binning is suitable for shooting based on lighting conditions. The technology, also dubbed ChameleonCell, can produce images without pixel merging (full-pixel rendering), 2x2 pixel binning, or 4x4 pixel binning. When using the 2x2 pixel binning technique, the resulting image resolution will be stuck at 50 MP, with a pixel size of 1.28 microns.

While in 4x4 pixel binning mode, the resolution only reaches 12.5 MP with a pixel size of 2.65 microns.Even though the resolution is cut, the pixel binning technique can essentially improve image quality so that every detail is sharper, especially in low-light conditions. Turning to the video aspect, the Isocell HP1 supports 8K recording modes with a frame rate of 30 FPS, 4K with 120 FPS, as well as image recording with a wider field of view.

Isocell GN5

In addition to the Isocell HP1, Samsung also introduced another image sensor, the Isocell GN5. This camera sensor supports a resolution of 50 MP and carries a 1/1.57-inch format with a native pixel size of 1 micron.

Samsung claims the ISOCELL GN5 is the world's first 50 MP camera sensor equipped with Dual Pixel Pro autofocus technology. This technology allows the sensor to apply focus quickly and automatically in all directions. To improve image quality, Isocell GN5 relies on a 2x2 pixel binning technique which is claimed to be able to create detailed 12.5 MP resolution images even in low light conditions. This image sensor is also equipped with the Front Deep Trench Isolation (FDTI) feature which allows the sensor to absorb a lot of light to reduce excessive noise when capturing images. Also read: Sony Collaborates with Microsoft to Make Smart Camera Sensors For video capabilities, the sensor supports the same recording mode as the Isocell HP1, namely 8K with a frame rate of 30 FPS, 4K with 120 FPS, and image recording with a wider field of view.

With the breakthroughs provided by the ISOCELL HP1 and the ISOCELL GN5's agile autofocus feature, Samsung will continue to lead the trend for next-generation image sensor technology," said Duckhyun Chang, Executive VP Camera Sensor Business at Samsung Electronics.

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