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4 New Products That Will Be Announced at Apple Event October 2021


In the middle of last September, Apple just finished holding the Apple Event.

At that time, the Apple Event held by Apple had the headline California Streaming.

Not long ago after holding the Apple Event California Streaming, this October Apple will hold another Apple Event.

However, until now, the exact date and name of the October 2021 Apple Event has not been announced by Apple.

Meanwhile, at the Apple Event in California Streaming, Apple announced several new things in the form of the release of new gadget products.

The gadget products released at the Apple Event September 2021 are the iPhone 13 Series, iPad Mini 6, iPad 9, and Apple Watch Series 7.

Just like the Apple California Streaming Event and other Apple Events, at the Apple Event in October 2021, Apple will also announce a number of new things in the form of new gadget products, new OS, and so on.

According to MacRumors, here are some of the new things that Apple is likely to announce at the October 2021 Apple Event.

Although what is written by the MacRumors site is still only a rumor because it has not been officially confirmed by Apple.

Macbook Pro M1

As the name suggests, this latest MacBook Pro laptop will come with two new size variants, namely 14 and 16 inches, replacing the 13-inch size.

In addition to having a new size, the new MacBook Pro is rumored to have a number of new specifications such as the M1X chipset, HDMI port, SD Card Reader, and others.

Macmini Apple M1

This latest generation Mac Mini can also be called the Mac Mini High-End because of its specifications.

Some of them are the use of the M1X chipset, a new design with additional ports, a magnetic power cable, and much more.

In addition to these two products, there are still a number of new things that Apple is predicted to announce at the Apple Event in October 2021.

Aipods 3

Initially, the TWS AirPods 3 were rumored to be released by Apple at the Apple Event California Streaming last month.

But now, the AirPods 3, which reportedly will have better sound and battery life than its predecessor, will be released at Apple Events in October 2021.

macos monterey

Already officially announced at WWDC 2021, macOS Monterey hasn't been released by Apple until now.

Through the Apple Event October 2021, the new macOS Monterey will get an official release date and will follow iOS 15, iPadOS 15, WatchOS 8, and tvOS 15 which Apple has already released.

Those are 4 new things that Apple is likely to announce at this month's Apple Event.

However, as mentioned earlier, all of the above is still just a rumor so it may or may not be true.

The certainty can only be obtained through the Apple Event in October 2021.

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