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Apple sued for refusing warranty iPhone 12 service


After-sales service is often one of the considerations for consumers before buying a new cellphone. The hope is that if there is damage to a newly purchased cellphone, consumers are still entitled to official repair services for free, as long as the warranty period is still valid. However, it seems that this right was not obtained by Theodore A. Kim, an iPhone 12 user from San Francisco, United States. Kim filed a lawsuit against Apple for refusing to repair his iPhone 12, which it claims is still under warranty.

Different claims

The source of the problem is a different story about when the iPhone 12 was damaged. Kim admitted that the device was damaged while at an Apple service center, but Apple felt that the iPhone had been "damaged" before it was shipped, so the warranty was void. Kim himself bought the iPhone 12 in October 2020 in Vietnam, and the warranty only ended in October 2021.

However, when the iPhone 12 arrived, he found the SIM card drawer in a damaged condition. A few weeks later, Kim sought help from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), a non-profit that provides free dispute resolution to consumers. For information, the BBB acts as a third party that mediates between consumers and businesses in their communications. To the BBB, Kim said that the damage to the SIM card drawer occurred when his iPhone was at an Apple service center.

But Apple responded as if the damage occurred when Kim's iPhone 12 wasn't in their hands. They say that the device can only be repaired if it is really damaged while at the service center. Because Apple considers the iPhone to have been tampered with, the company also voids the current product warranty.

David vs Goliath

Because Apple Products refuse free repairs even though they are still within the warranty period, Kim is also willing to pay for repairs as long as his cellphone can function normally. However, the Cupertino, USA-based company still refused. Still not satisfied, in June 2021 Kim sent an e-mail addressed to Apple CEO Tim Cook. But his complaint has not been responded to until now. He then "Googling" and looking for ways to repair his iPhone. "Finally I found a blog of someone in Seattle who successfully sued Apple in a small claim court," Kim told Business Insider.

The case that Kim is referring to is the case of a 2008 MacBook Pro user who sued Apple in 2012, because his graphics card died.

Kim felt his case was almost the same as the blogger's and he took the same route, which was to sue Apple in court. In his lawsuit, Kim is demanding $1,383 in damages (approximately Rp. 19.6 million), the same price as his iPhone 12. Although he is aware that his steps will not be easy, because he is challenging a giant company which is now one of the most valuable companies in the world, with a wealth of 2.457 trillion US dollars. "Okay, it's going to be like David versus Goliath," said Kim, referring to the legendary story of a tiny human who managed to defeat the giant. Regarding Kim's lawsuit against Apple, the clerk has scheduled a hearing on November 23. Apple has not yet commented on this claim.

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