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Google Launches Cloud Technology Online Learning Platform


Google officially launched Google Cloud Skills Boost, a centralized online learning, skills development and certification platform for skills by Google Cloud. This new platform is a form of Google's initiative to improve the skills and capabilities of human resources (HR) for the Google Cloud in the midst of today's digital transformation era. Given, according to a survey cited by Google, the skills about cloud computing in corporate HR are still lacking. Whereas on the other hand, the majority of IT leaders expressed that they want to expand their cloud services in the future. In this era of digital transformation that relies on cloud technology, Google said, corporate human resources will be the driving force. So it takes human resources who have the skills to apply and manage large-scale cloud technology, to application development, security, and cloud architecture. Lack of skills and knowledge about the cloud in HR will actually be an obstacle to the growth of cloud services from the company. To minimize these obstacles, the Google Cloud Skills Boost platform was launched.

Through this new platform, Google targets to equip more than 40 million HR with Google Cloud skills.

This platform is managed directly by Google Cloud, as well as the learning or training materials that are presented. For example, there are trainings on Getting Started with Google Kubernetes Engine, How Google Does Machine Learning, Preparing for the Professional Cloud Architect Certification Exam (Preparing for the Professional Cloud Architect Certification Exam), and much more. Google Cloud Skills Boost will provide access to more than 700 practice labs, role-based courses, skills badges, and certification materials, including 16 new learning pathways available on-demand globally, Google said. At the time of launch, content was still available in English and Japanese only. However, other languages ​​will be supported soon.

Much of the content on Google Cloud Skills Boost is also available in Indonesian, and we will continue to add more local content (including video-based courses) in 2022, said Google.

Later, these users will be able to choose any learning path, then monitor progress, and validate their new skills with the Google Cloud Skills badge to show the company. Because it is an online learning platform, users have to register and pay a fee. However, as an introduction, Google provides free access for the first month, if users register for Google Skills Boost until 6 November.

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