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Vivo X70 Pro Review, Serious Phone for Mobile Photography


Vivo recently presented the X60 Pro series of phones in Indonesia, namely in April 2021. In early October of the same year, the manufacturer released the X70 Pro series as a successor. Although its appearance was only a few months later, the X70 Pro turned out to present quite a lot of inside and out changes compared to previous products. The rear camera range is now more complete, more sophisticated, and more feature-rich. The internal hardware was also overhauled with the presence of a new System-on-Chip, larger battery, and faster fast charging.

Unboxing Vivo X70 Pro had the opportunity to get a sample unit of the Indonesian retail version of the Vivo X70 Pro. The phone comes in a square packaging with a black base color.

In addition to the smartphone model name written in large font, on the front side there is also a Zeiss blue badge. The Vivo X series was developed together with the German lens manufacturer for the camera aspect.

As usual, the compartment that holds other equipment can be found under the phone unit in the package. Vivo apparently includes a fairly complete line of accessories with the X70 Pro.

Buyers, among others, will find a FlashCharge charger with a power output of 44 watts (11v, 4A). The X70 Pro does support fast charging with such a large power output so that the owner can immediately take advantage of the maximum charging speed without having to buy a separate fast charger. Vivo also tucked in a pair of wired earphones in-ear models, with a 3.5mm audio connector. A 3.5mm audio jack to USB C adapter is included to plug these earphones into your phone, along with two pairs of different sized eartips.

To protect the phone body while making it more comfortable to hold, there is a transparent silicone case. Other complementary accessories include a SIM card ejector, a quick guide and warranty card, as well as a USB A to USB C cable as a companion to the charger.

Serious design for mobile photography

The first time I opened this package, the Vivo X70 Pro phone immediately attracted attention. The Cosmic Black color variant in the hands of KompasTekno has an appearance similar to the crinkle finish commonly found on camera bodies and lenses. At first glance, the back of the X70 Pro seems to have a rough surface, but that's not the case. When touched with a finger, the back which is made of glass has a rough texture similar to frosted glass. The black texture and pattern similar to the crinkle finish makes the back side of the X70 Pro seem immune to fingerprints. Fingerprint stains are there, but barely visible.

The Cosmic Black color makes the X70 Pro look more "serious", in accordance with the designation of this phone as a reliable tool for mobile photography. This phone seems low profile and no small talk. The Vivo X70 Pro camera module looks more elongated than the X60 Pro. Because, the number of rear cameras is indeed more, namely four, compared to its predecessor, which was only three. As with the all-new back, the front of the Vivo X70 Pro has not changed much compared to the previous X60 Pro. This phone uses a 6.56-inch AMOLED display panel (2,376 x 1,080 pixels) with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. At the top of the screen there is a punch hole that contains a selfie camera with a resolution of 32 MP (f / 2.5).

The rest of the design aspects are similar to other Android phones. The power button and volume control are located on the right side of the device. On the top side there is an IR blaster so that this cellphone can be used as a remote control for various other electronic devices that have an infrared interface, ranging from televisions, set-top boxes, air purifiers, to air conditioners. The X70 Pro provides a Smart Remote application to serve this purpose along with an IR blaster. The Vivo X70 Pro SIM card drawer is capable of holding two nano-type SIM cards in a back-to-back position, however, there is no place for a microSD memory card.

Complete and capable camera

The four rear cameras of Vivo X70 Pro consist of a 50 MP main camera (f/1.8, OIS, gimbal stabilization), a 12 MP portrait camera (f/2.0, 2x optical zoom), a 12 MP ultra wide camera with 2.5 cm macro capabilities ( f/2.2), and an 8 MP telephoto camera (f/3.4, OIS, 5x optical zoom). With such a configuration, Vivo X70 Pro is also ready to meet all shooting and video recording needs, from very close (macro) to long distances. The 50 MP main camera on this phone has the feature of an Ultra-Sensing Gimbal Camera shake-reducing system.

First introduced through last year's Vivo X50 Pro, then Vivo's gimbal technology has reached the third generation which is further refined in the X70 Pro. The stabilization is now claimed to be more effective, including when recording video with shake reduction in five axes via VIS 5-Axis technology that combines mechanical (OIS) with electronic (EIS) stabilization. As in the previous two phones, when gimbal stabilization is activated, the camera app will display a circular indicator in the center of the frame.

That's all and thank you for the information on Vivo X70 Pro, Hopefully it's useful.

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