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WhatsApp Launches End-to-end Encryption Feature for Backup Process

 WhatsApp has become one of the platforms that has many users all over the world.

Starting from children, teenagers, to adults, not a few use WhatsApp as a communication tool.

Because it has a large number of users, this Facebook subsidiary continues to innovate in order to make its users more satisfied.

One of the things that WhatsApp does is to regularly release various new features.

As is known, WhatsApp was first launched to the public in 2009.

Since then, it's been countless how many new features WhatsApp has launched.

In addition to user satisfaction, the launch of WhatsApp's new features is also intended to keep up with the times.

Recently, WhatsApp is rumored to be launching a new feature, which will affect the level of user account security.

A new feature that will be released by WhatsApp is end-to-end encryption for the backup process.

The end-to-end encryption feature itself is actually nothing new for WhatsApp.

Previously, a similar feature was available in the WhatsApp message or chat section.

Now, the end-to-end encryption feature will not only be available in the messages section, but also in the backup section.

With this feature end-to-end encryption, the WhatsApp message backup process will be more secure from external parties.

Even though WhatsApp will not know the contents of the data backed up by the user.

When it's released later, there are several steps to enable this new feature:

Open WhatsApp Settings.

Go to the Chat section and then Chat Backup.

In the Chat Backup section, check the end-to-end backup encryption option.

After the checklist, the end-to-end encryption for the backup process is officially active.

Meanwhile, the public is now curious about the release time of this new WhatsApp feature.

Currently, WhatsApp's end-to-end backup encryption feature has been released on a limited basis for the WhatsApp for iOS platform.

However, this messenger giant only released this feature limited to people who were selected as beta testers.

As for its general release to the public, the exact date is still unknown.

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