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Apple Sells Expensive Washcloth for iPhone, Samsung Shares Free


Last month, Apple released a new product in the form of a cleaning cloth for gadgets such as the iPhone, called the Polishing Cloth. The price of the rag is quite expensive, which is 19 US dollars or more than Rp. 260,000. The price is fairly expensive and then used by its biggest competitor, Samsung. As if to quip Apple, Samsung actually offers the cleaning cloth accessory for free for Galaxy S20 users, who are in German territory.

Galaxy S20 users in Germany can claim the cleaning cloth by registering via the Samsung Members app.

However, the number of these cleaning cloths is very limited. Samsung only provides about 1,000 cleaning cloths and users are only allowed to receive one.

Samsung did not explain what is special about this product compared to Apple's Polishing Cloth cleaning cloth.

However, as compiled by from iMore, Friday (11/12/2021), the cleaning cloth offered for free by Samsung has a size of 20x20 cm, which is bigger than the cloth made by Apple, which measures 16x16 cm. Apple Polishing Cloth itself is a cloth that serves to clean the screen of various Apple devices, from Apple Watch smart watches, iPhone, iPad, iPod, to MacBook and iMac monitors. Apple claims that this cloth is made with a soft, non-abrasive material, making it safe and effective when used to clean all types of Apple device screens, including the Pro Display XDR monitor and the 27-inch iMac that has a nano texture.

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