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Delete immediately, these 151 Android applications can suck credit secretly


Google Will remove 151 apps from the Google Play Store app store. Hundreds of these applications are considered dangerous because they can register user numbers to premium SMS services secretly. Hundreds of scam apps were removed following the discovery of cybersecurity firm Avast. According to Avast, trapped users unknowingly subscribe to premium SMS services that can suck up credit. According to an Avast report, these hundreds of apps have essentially the same basic structure. This indicates that there is one parent application that is used repeatedly to make copies of the application. This copy of the app is then disguised as an interesting app. According to Avast's search, hundreds of these apps were part of the UltimaSMS scam campaign.

Avast also explained that this series of applications disguised as keyboard applications, photo and video editing, QR Code scanners, camera filters, and games. Get information, in

It is recorded that hundreds of these applications have been downloaded more than 10.5 million times and are also advertised on social networks Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. Hundreds of these applications spread in 80 countries in the world. According to Avast, many of these applications are downloaded by users from the Middle East, such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Pakistan. Hundreds of these applications are also widely downloaded by users in the United States and Poland. How scam apps work

How scam apps work

Furthermore, Avast also explained how the illegal premium SMS subscription application works. After successfully downloaded and installed, the application will secretly check the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number, mobile number, as well as the user's location information.

This information is needed so that the application is able to determine the country code and language that will be used to trap the victim. Once executed, the application will ask the user to enter a phone number and e-mail address to gain access to the advertised application. If the detailed information has been entered, the application will register a subscription premium SMS service which can charge up to 40 US dollars (approximately IDR 570,000) every month.

As compiled by from the Avast Blog, Monday (1/11/2021), users will even be charged an additional subscription fee every week. In some cases, the application subscription fee will not be canceled even if the user already has the application from a mobile phone. To avoid such cases, users are advised to be more careful when they want to download applications, even through official application stores such as the Google Play Store.

Next, don't enter your cell phone number and e-mail address carelessly. Check the terms and conditions of the application first.

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