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Italy Fines Apple and Google Rp 160 billion

 The two technology giants, one of them from the United States, Apple and Google, were fined 10 million Euros or around Rp. 160 billion by the Competition and Market Authority in Italy (ACGM). The fine was imposed on allegations that Apple and Google were deemed not to have provided clear information to users regarding the personal data that users submitted to use their services. According to ACGM, the practice is considered to have violated consumer protection rules in Italy. Italian regulators also alleged that Apple and Google both adopted "aggressive" practices in using user data, for commercial purposes, without the consent of the user in question.

In addition, Google is also accused of having omitted relevant information during the account creation process. The information in question is related to whether users allow their data to be used for commercial purposes or not.

Meanwhile, Apple is considered uncooperative in providing detailed information to users, about how to process their data when creating an Apple ID, or accessing the App Store application store. Italian regulators argue that the practice of using data and systems on iPhone devices is basically "conditioned" so that consumers are willing to accept all requirements related to commercial purposes. This is considered inversely, especially considering that in almost every product or promotional campaign, Apple always echoes privacy for its users. However, Apple did not confirm the findings and any accusations made by the ACGM. Apple says it places the utmost priority on the privacy of their users and customer data.

We (Apple) have a long-standing commitment to the privacy of our users and we do our best to design products and features that protect customer data," Apple said in a statement.

We also provide transparency and control to all users so they can choose what information is allowed to be shared or not, and how that information is used," continued Apple. "We have transparent and fair practices to provide our users with useful tools and clear information about their use. We also give them controls to manage information and limit the use of personal data, and fully comply with consumer protection rules, Google said.

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