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YouTube Prepares "Escape2021", Interactive Event to Replace "Rewind"


In October, YouTube confirmed that it would no longer be showing YouTube Rewind. You could say YouTube Rewind itself has become a year-end celebration tradition on YouTube since 2011. Through Rewind, YouTube presents a compilation video containing things that have trended around the world over the past year. Although YouTube Rewind was discontinued, the tradition of year-end celebrations on YouTube did not disappear. YouTube is known to have prepared a live streaming event called Escape2021, as a replacement for YouTube Rewind.

Apart from this picture, there is no description of the activities or other things that will guide what will be done in the Escape2021 live streaming event.

However, in the video description, YouTube reveals that the live broadcast of Escape2021 will take place on Thursday (12/16/2021). "On December 16th, join LIVE for ESCAPE2021, a special live broadcast showcasing the challenges and interactive experiences of the past year," wrote YouTube.

Besides that, YouTube explains a bit about how Escape2021 works. Later, YouTube Escape2021 will be broadcast live into three chapters, namely chapter 1, chapter 2, and chapter 3. Each chapter will be broadcast on a schedule determined by YouTube.

Each chapter in the live broadcast of Escape2021 is unique or different from other chapters. Viewers can also follow the live stream and play in one or all chapters. YouTube says, in the last chapter of the Escape2021 live stream, there will be a surprise from YouTube. It is not explained further what the surprise content is that YouTube has prepared.

There are several talents that will be featured during the three chapters of the Escape2021 live streaming. Starting from BTS, Doja Cat, Hydraulic Press Channel, Jelle's Marble Runs, Harry Mack, Masked Wolf, MuselK, Samay Raina, Dan Rhodes, Mark Rober and SeanDoesMagic. When the audience has completed all the challenges in the three chapters, they will be able to watch the musical performance of the mysterious guest. Apart from being in English, the YouTube Escape2021 live streaming can be watched in Indonesian, Dutch, French, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, and Portuguese.

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