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Loading Forbidden Content in Search Results, Google Fines IDR 1.38 Trillion


Google is again in serious trouble. This time, the tech giant was fined 7.2 billion rubles (approximately Rp 1.38 trillion) by a Russian court. The fine is a form of punishment for Google which is considered to have failed to remove as much as 2,600 content in search results, which is included in the illegal category in Russia. Some examples of illegal content in question include drug propaganda, gays, and posts that are extremist or contain elements of terrorism, including topics that offend the leader of the opposition, namely Alexei Navalny. Throughout 2021, the Russian government has imposed fines on technology companies that are reluctant to restrict content that is banned from broadcasting.

But among the list of tech companies that have been fined, Google is the first to receive a penalty based on the company's annual revenue. For information, the amount of fines imposed by the Russian government is equivalent to 8 percent of Google's revenue in that country.

Responding to the fine imposed on the company, a Google spokesperson said it would review court documents before deciding what steps to take next. As compiled by KompasTekno from Engadget, Monday (3/1/2022), Google has about 10 days to file an appeal to the Russian court. On the other hand, a Russian official has threatened to do something unpleasant if Google tries not to remove the banned content that has been set. In addition to Google, the Russian court also fined Instagram in the amount of 2 billion rubles (approximately IDR 384 billion).

The company under the Meta umbrella is alleged to have failed to remove around 2,000 banned content.

This is not the first fine received by Google. Previously, Google has also been fined twice by the French competition watchdog. The first fine was imposed last June as a punishment because Google was deemed to have violated competition regulations relating to online advertising in Europe. While the second fine was imposed last July because Google was deemed to have failed to comply with a temporary order from French regulators. The fines imposed are 500 million euros (Rp 8.59 trillion) and Rp 3.8 trillion respectively.

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